10 Locations to visit- in Almeria

Spain´s best-kept secrets lie in the south, near La Costa del Sol – the undiscovered region of Almería, filled with Natural Parks, wonderful and unspoilt beaches are a sight to be seen.

One of the fascinating aspects of Almeria is its secret life as a movie set. Hollywood in the early 1970´s produced and filmed many wonderful films here such as A fist ful of Dollars,Lawrence of Arabia, the good the bad and the ugly and many more.

People used to say Almeria was closer to London than Madrid. This was in the days when we had no contact from motorways, airports and train. Now it has changed and it is changing. Almeria Airport has expanded in the last year, increasing its capacity. We have a motorway which connects to all major roads running around Spain and we it is being built the new high speed railway connection to Madrid.

Almería is one of the world´s great locations to lose yourself in either in the out skirts of the city or in the mountains. Almeria does have it all; the Mountains “Sierra de nevada”, where you can go and ski 6 months a year; the beaches and the Spanish culture. The city is not big enough to feel lost and like a number. You stay here for a month or two and you feel as one of the Almerians. The people are so friendly and open to foreigners. It is said that if you drink from the fountain of the Paseo, You will never leave this land.

Almería is a place of extremes : Its landscapes, mountainous areas, beaches, desserts, city are all in constant battle with the elements. The beauty impresses you every time you make your way into the mountains, or out to the beaches of Cabo de Gata or others. Nowhere this is more apparent than in the Tabernas Desert, a Natural Park 40km inland from Cabo de Gata.

The city center is a calm wonderful place, with hundreds of water fountains in every street to freshen the air, as Almeria has the most day light sun thoughout the year across europe. It is a wonderful place to take a holiday and take lessons in Spanish. If golf is your game then Almeria has some of the best golf courses in Europe. It also can offer many beach activities like scuba diving in San Jose, or Aguadulce.

We have it all, beaches, mountains, city, spanish life, sports activities and the spanish lessons.

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