Why learn Spanish in Almeria/Spain ?

Why learn Spanish in Almeria/Spain ?

Almeria, locatedon the Southeast coast of Spain, surrounded by the calm and warm Mediterranean, is a crucible of cultures that offers the student and to those who visit us, beach, sport, culture and varied night life.

When entering Almería the first impression we get is its Mediterranean flavour.. What was once the main port of Al-Andalus is now, as then, an open and welcoming city accustomed to receiving people from all over the world.

The city is a rich compendium of artistic styles and contrasting atmospheres bathed in the perpetual, brilliant sunlight which seems to be brighter here than anywhere else.

Parque Nicolás Salmerón leads us into the old town which, in turn, gives access to the ALCAZABA (Moorish fortress). Churches, convents and monasteries rise from the narrow streets. The Plaza Vieja opens before us as an oasis of calm, a perfect place to have a rest. Outside the old city, the streets widen and the public buildings reflect the magnificence of the 19th century. The bustling Rambla takes us to the Port and LAS ALMADRAVILLAS beach, overlooked by the former mineral ore loader called CABLE INGLÉS. Almería, looking seaward today as in the past.

The city’s historical quarter is home to numerous bars and restaurants offering exquisite tapas and meals, combining sightseeing with gastronomy. Our school is located in the heart of the historical quarter, in Real street; which leads to La Plaza Vieja, 100 metres away from the Olive Oil Museum, a popular attraction for tourists where we organise parties and singing and flamenco shows are held weekly.

Some places of interest in Almeria are:
  • LA ALCAZABA, Moorish citadel. The undisputed symbol of Moorish Almería. Rising on a hill overlooking the city. Its unmistakable profile has dominated the bay for more than ten centuries

  • THE PORT, which keeps us in contact with Africa (Melilla, Nador, Ceuta…) and it is visited by cruise liners from all over the world.

  • THE FORTIFIED CATHEDRAL, unique in Spain, symbolises the Christian city.

  • LA RAMBLA, it is a park that divides old and new Almería in two parts from the mountains to the port.

  • CABO DE GATA NIJAR NATURAL PARK. It is the most untouched and least explored area of the province of Almería, an area which finds its maximum expression in the small fishing villages steeped in ancient customs and traditions that seem to have been suspended in time, like picture post cards from the past.

As a centre for tourism, the Western Coast boasts a large number of Blue Flag beaches.