The work experience program is designed for natives of other countries can find work in Almería and surroundings. The team is coordinated with employers and agencies to provide practical business paid or unpaid in different sectors.

The program is full-time and with the minimum wage in Spain, in the event that the practices are paid. Hours may vary. Almeria Spanish School can provide residential accommodation or a family (single room) to the request.

This is related to the hotels, restaurants, retail trade and horticulture work. Applicants will not begin their practices immediately after arrival in Spain, but have to wait for the end of the specific Spanish course . Thus applicants can acquire the level of Spanish required to successfully complete their period of work experience in Spain.

You will have your work confirmed before coming to Almeria.

Spanish pre intermediate (B1) level is required.

Once participants agree practices, they are required to meet the agreed time. Only certain circumstances be taken into account if the applicant wishes to withdraw from the program before the end of the contract.

The company practices are off the coast of Almeria . You will experience the true Andalusian lifestyle and will be surrounded by sun, sea and sand.


The Work Experience Programme is designed for students, graduates and young job seekers aged between 18-35 who have an EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) nationality and interested in a work experience placement relevant to their educational background, previous training and vocational skills.


The most commonly requested areas for placements are: Office Administration and Tourism (Examples: travel agencies, language schools, computing companies, tourism offices, restaurants etc). However, other areas are also possible.


Minimum of 4 weeks. (Depending on the level of Spanish)


Services: 200€. + Spanish Course*

*See the price list of the courses on the web page.


The following complete documents must be mailed to Almeria Spanish School for registration with at least 1 month in advance:

  • Enrolment Form (to by typed or completed in block letters only)
  • English typed CV: giving relevant details about educational background and previous work experience.
  • 4 Passport photos.
  • 2 Reference letters.
  • Certificates of courses, etc.
  • Payment of the registration fee (200 Euros) to bank account.

To be covered during the participant stay, he/she has to prepare the document E-111 or E-128 and must bring it to Spain to be covered inside and outside work. The student is advised to go to the Social Security office of his/her country, in order to be informed about the document he/she has to bring to Spain.

It is also advisable to bring a Private Insurance which covers Repatriation and Third Party Liability. It is only responsibility of the student to bring this Private Insurance.


The student will need to make the payment in euros after the confirmation of a suitable placement. The full payment must be done at least 20 days before commencement date of the programme.

Once the student is in Spain and in case the student is dissatisfied with his/her placement, payment will not automatically be refunded. Alternative placement cannot be guaranteed, although we will try to either negotiate with the employer concerned or to provide a second placement where possible.

Any refunds of payment will only be made where we believe the individual circumstances are justified. Refunds will never be more that the fee paid for work placement by the student.

The programme fee includes the following services:

  • Search of company for the internship placement.
  • Confirmation of placement.
  • Spanish course required
  • General information about place where the company is: map, transport, information etc.

Other services at an additional cost:

  • Arrangement of accommodation, if required by the student.
  • Collection at the airport.
  • Other services not included in the fees of the programme


  • Payment must be made by electronic bank transfer in Euros to
  • Almería Spanish School Account
  • Thames Language Services S.L.
  • Bank: Cajamar
  • Office number: 0124 Calle Jovellanos 9, 04003 Almería SPAIN
  • Account: 3058 0124 06 2720008501 BIC: CCRIES2AXXX
  • IBAN: ES75 3058 0124 0627 2000 8501

IMPORTANT: Please note, that you must pay all bank charges when making financial transactions. Bank charges must not be deducted from payment of the programme fees.


The programme runs all year round.

Participants can arrive on any day of the week.

Participants are required to commit to a minimum 2 – month stay with the programme. However during the high season in programm.


Flights are not included

There are different companies that fly to Almeria: Easyjet, Ryanair, Airberlin, Britishairways, Iberia. You can also get here via Malaga, Alicante, Granada, Madrid or Barcelona.


We are members of CECAP, (the Spanish Confederation of Private Schools and Academies). In Almeria CECAP is represented by ASEMPAL (Almeria Business Association). CECAP guarantees that their members respect the students’ consumer rights in accordance with the Spanish Law and as a result of this we have to follow its ethical code: codigoetico_cecap.pdf

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