Learn Spanish in Spain with us!

We would like to introduce you to our Spanish school in Almeria, and present our spanish courses in Spain and others services to you, along with the many cultural activities and various accommodation options. We have specialized in language courses for over 37 years. Our Quality courses are organised with you in mind, offering a great diversity of courses and good prices. So learn Spanish in Spain now! With us.

About Almeria

Almeria is a wonderful seaside town brimming with history.. Our teachers will get you to understand and know our culture and customs – in an interactive, relaxed, professional and in a family atmosphere. The city of Almeria is full of attractions, beaches, cultural experiences and we are based in the centre of all this, we are in the old town. We have it all sun, beaches, mountains and the school.

Why learn Spanish in Almeria. Find out more.

Almeria Spanish School in Spain

Our unique school with its spacious classrooms and Andalusian style building welcomes you. Our enthusiastic team of teachers will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

We offer high quality courses with qualified teachers within a well established and respected company. Please take 2 minutes to have a look at the heart of Almeria, and enjoy what we have to offer. Learning Spanish here and open your eyes to the real spanish feeling.