Combined courses

The maximum students for the classes will be 4.

You will have 2 classes of 90 minutes or 3 classes of 60 minutes.

Pluck the string and sit back and enjoy, Spanish Flamenco, classical, and Pop rock.

Classic Guitar Lessons

The skills you’ll practice in these lessons are:

  • Use of the right hand fingers (including the thumb) correctly.
  • Alternating fingers.
  • Using a combination of “open” (no fingers of left hand used) and closed (left hand fingers employed) strings.
  • Etc..



    • 1
    • 275
    • 2
    • 550
* Price includes Spanish classes

Salsa, sevillanas, flamenco and samba are just the few styles you can dance with our profesional dancer she has her own studio in the center of the city ready, come and join one of her classes or make your own class 1-2-1.

Cultural Flamenco Dance

Class Programme of Dance


  • Introduction to Flamenco, Steps, brazeo and castanets
  • Introduction of the Almerian Style “dance of Happy”
  • Fandangos, and Rumbas
  • Sevillanas, Regional
  • Latinos: Introduction

Classes will be an hour or as agreed. The classes may be individual or groups. The groups with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 people. The level will depend on the group experience and technical ability. We offer you the opportunity to study a Spanish course and also learn the art of the most famous Spanish dance: Flamenco.

With its “cante” (folk song), guitar and dance, flamenco is a fusion of the different musical styles of southern Spain.

The course consists of 20 hours a week of Intensive Spanish combined with 8 hours a week of Flamenco Dance. The flamenco course is flexible and its content adapt to students’ schedules and language level in order to get the most out of the class and also have fun. This course is the perfect combination: you’ll have fun learning the Spanish language as you will learn to dance flamenco.



    • 1
    • 302
    • 2
    • 610
* Price includes Spanish classes
Scuba Diving

Diving of the coast of Almería has its treasures and ship wrecks, so dont hold your breath any more.

Discover, buried deep in the most arid area of all in Europe the only place of maritime-land character throughout the entire Community of Andalusia. The beauty of the mountains, the cliffs, and the hidden and solitary coves make this a unique destination for every visitor.

One of the greatest wealth of this natural space is under the sea. The marine bottoms are formed by prairies of oceanic Posidonia.

The courses that we offer are PADI certified (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). PADI is the largest scuba training organization in the world. The PADI diving manual, equipment and insurance during the course are included in the total price. You will need a medical certificate stating that you are physically able to participate in underwater sport activities. You will also need 2 passport size photographs.

Course 1 Scuba Diving

At the age of 10 you can begin the Scuba Diver Junior course , which ís just one step before the Open Water Diver course.

You won’t be certified as an independent diver. The course program entails theory and practice. Practice takes place in a swimming pool, where you will learn the skills that you will later use in the sea and in the open water dives carried out in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. These dives take place at a maximum depth of 12 meters.

Duration: 3 days or depending on availability.

Courses 2 Open Water Dive

Starting at the age of 10 you can take O.W.D Junior. And starting at the age of 15 you can take O.W.D. for adults.

Course theory is made up of five units. Students take evaluative exams after each unit, as well as a final exam.

Diving practice will begin in the pool where students will learn the necessary diving skills to be used later in the sea. Next, we will hit the open waters! Students will experience great dives in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park; the first two at a maximum depth of 12 meters and the last two at a maximum depth of 18 meters.

The normal duration of the course is 5 days, from Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon classes.

Price includes full equipment, student kit (Manual, RDP Table, PADI Bag, Log Book, etc.) and diving insurance during the course.

You will only need 2-passport size photographs and a medical certificate signed by a physician, which qualifies you for participating in underwater sports activities.



    • 1
    • 425
    • 2
    • 850
* Price includes Spanish classes

If you enjoy to experiment in the kitchen and enjoy the Spanish cuisine then break open the bottle and sign yourself up.

Spanish Cooking


  • Learn to cook regional specialities
  • Learn how to prepare a 3 – Course menu
  • Includes ingredients and buying at the local market, cooking, tasting and discussion.

Spanish cooking has made headlines in recent years, with the world’s attention focused on the high quality traditional cooking as well as the innovative; well enjoy with us a cooking class with a professional chef. This course is designed to teach you the art of Andalusian cooking; the classes take place in the kitchen of some restaurant. Once you have cooked your dishes, lunch will be served with a nice bottle of wine!

Learn Spanish while enjoying Spanish cuisine!

This course consists of 20 Spanish Lessons at Almeria Spanish School and three cookings lessons per week in a kitchen of a restuarant.

Group Size: minimum 4 and the maximum 8.



    • 1
    • 280
    • 2
    • 560
* Price includes Spanish classes

If you like to get your hands dirty, in the mud and clay. Well this course is the one for you, styling, painting and cooking all in one.

Andalusian Clay

Clay-Pottery Courses


  • To prepare the mud, to Burnished and finish the pots, dishes,then add the slips and enamel.
  • To use different techniques of design, impressions, different applications, and irons etc.
  • To produce pieces of work, rope dry, green manganese, hispano muslim tile dishes” etc…

The number of students in the group will be minimun 3 and maximum 8; you will have two sessions of 2 hours per week. In the price will be included the materials and the cooking. When the course is completed the parts made by the pupils will be cooked and delivered with in a deadline of 2 days We use theRAKÚ cooking style.



    • 1
    • 216
    • 2
    • 432
* Price includes Spanish classes




    • GOLF 1
    • 335
    • 670
    • GOLF 2
    • 295
    • 590
    • 540
    • 1080
    • 445
    • 890
    • MULTIADVENTURE (Min 30 heads)
    • 305
    • 610
    • SKIING 1 DAY (Winter time only)
    • 225
    • 450
    • SKIING CHILDREN 1 DAY (Winter time only)
    • 295
    • 590
    • SKIING CHILDREN 2 DAYS (Winter time only)
    • 210
    • 420
    • 400 Registration Fee
* Price includes Spanish classes